Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Sweat of Posterity

Mortgage the future for trillions of debt
Just cut up my taxes and I won't care
The cost can be posterity's regret
The government is an ATM? Where's my share

Don't raise taxes we can spend and borrow
Living off the sweat of posterity
Let someone else pay it back tomorrow
We could help but hey were no charity

Protest and complain and sign petitions
For lower taxes and higher spending
Demand it all from the politicians
How you gonna fund that? Foreign lending

Have my cake and eat posterity's too
Good thing our parents didn't share this view

Monday, June 11, 2007

2008 Predictions

I know it is still very early, but here are my 2008 election predictions:

In the Presidential election Democrats Barak Obama (President)and Bill Richardson (Vice-President) beat Republicans Mitt Romney (President) and Mike Huckabee (Vice-President)

In the Senate the Democrats will make a net gain of 3 seats
Possible vulnerabilities include the seats currently held by:
Mary Landrieu (D)
Mark Pryor (D)
Tim Johnson (D)

John Sununu (R)
John Warner (R)
Wayne Allard (R)
Norm Coleman (R)
Elizabeth Dole (R)

In the House Democrats will make a net gain of seven seats.

Sunday, June 03, 2007


History is a valuable tool from which to learn and history has taught anyone open to its lessons that liberals have never been wrong and conservatives have never been right. From the Spanish Inquisition, the persecution of scientists, the crusades, racism, and general intolerance, it is universally accepted that conservatism failed humanity. We are all liberal in hindsight once we are emotionally detached from a situation.

It is possible for conservatism to embody many diverse views because conservatism is not, an ideology like many believe, it is a method of thought. Society and culture are the variables that allow many views to be derived from a constant philosophy.

The only diffrence between a supporter of terrorism, a member of the KKK, and a conservative in America today is the society they were born into.

Conservatism is the politics of delay. It seek to preserve the society in which it exists and will arbitrarily oppose anything counter to this irrespective of its merit. So long as society is imperfect conservatism will be wrong.

Although the specific ideology of each conservative movement is dependent on society every society, and therefore every conservative movement has some common traits. These include: the containment of new ideas of new ideas and foreign cultures, a fear of change, a rejection of outsiders, and a desire to preserve society in its present form.

How could such an illogical philosophy flourish? There are three basic and interconnected roots of conservatism: ignorance, fear, and hate. Ignorance is the deepest root of conservatism. Within the context of politics ignorance is ultimately the sole cause of two other roots. This may be an alarming statement for some of my conservative friends, but it is easily demonstrated when looking to examples of conservative philosophy.

Racism has been the most widespread and controversial conservative belief. Racism is fear of a benign change in culture, an ignorance of others, and a hate of a people perceived as inferior. Characteristically we think of the south (a traditional hot bed for conservatism), slavery, and segregation. However racism manifests itself in our culture even today.

For example, the immigration debate. The simple facts of this issue are that having a large number of immigrant laborers in our country is a mutually beneficial economic relationship. Conservatives, however, fear their culture may be diluted, hate a people who they perceive as criminals, and are ignorant of the facts of this issue. It has been noted, and successfully demonstrated, that any Minutemen project volunteer allowed to see firsthand the life of an immigrant family would quickly renounce their previous opinions on the topic.

Gay rights is another issue where conservatism's motivations shine through. Conservatives passionately oppose granting any rights extended to heterosexual individuals despite the fact that this would cause them no harm. Conservatives hate gays for their "sin", an issue that is frankly beyond their control (doesn't the Bible instruct that "he who is without sin may throw the first stone"), fear something they cannot understand, and are ignorant of the facts that most gays have more in common with them then they'd be willing to admit.

I will not go into any more examples although any conservative belief, ancient or modern, can be traced back to these three factors.