Friday, February 24, 2006

The First Letter

I sent out the letter to Congresswoman Myrick on Tuesday. Thirteen people signed it including myself, that's not bad since I didn't try very hard to get signatures. Now I am going to try to put some pressure on Sen. Burr (most of us will be old enough to vote by the time he runs for re-election) and I might also write a few articles for some magazines about the economic impact of the debt. All in all I think that this will be a succesful campaign if I can keep my peers interested.

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The beginning of a Long Journey

I am preparing to start, what I hope, will become a massive political campaign. I have become outraged at the ballooning federal debt, the $8.1 trillion that me and my generation will have to pay back someday. Whether or not I will even be close to successful in my effort is unknown, but I can't sit on the sidelines and watch the debt balloon any longer. At the rate we are going every cent of tax revenue will go to pay off interest a good twenty years before I'm retired.

So far all I have done is a little planning and some research, plus putting up this blog. On Friday I brought a rough draft of a letter to congresswoman Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina) to school for Alex, one of my classmates who shares my concerns over the debt to edit. He was so excited about the whole thing that he shared it with another student, who shared it with another student and soon the letter had circulated around the room several times and collected a few signatures along the way.

Once I got home from school on Friday I emailed the letter to Congresswoman Marcia, but seeing how Friday went I plan on bringing a hard copy to school for everyone to sign. Hopefully I will be able to get enough momentum from my peers to get a strong campaign started. Then I can write some articles for the local paper, which I occasionally freelance for, then all we will need is some attention from the larger media.

My letter to Rep. Myrick:

Sue Myrick,

There are people who want take away your money and put it to programs they think deserve it.
-Sue Myrick-
Are you one of these people?

You support lowering taxes yet you have no plan for cutting spending. You support the deficit. What you are doing is irresponsible and unjust. What you want is for future generations to pay for your programs. You seem not to care about the $8.1 trillion my generation will have to pay back because of your reckless spending, but why should you care? We can't vote for or against you. You are counting on those who can't yet vote to pay for your careless spending.
My generation will suffer greatly because of your irresponsibility, my generation will suffer because you want to be able to tell your constituents that they won't have to pay for this increased spending and they are going to get tax breaks because of your "hard work". The true character of a public official is best seen in the way that they treat those who can't vote for or against them. You might say that you support lowering the debt, but so does every other politician in Washington, yet nothing ever happens. Actions speak louder than words and your actions on this issue are less than admirable. You have placed the interests of big business over the interest of today's young people. We will be forced to pay for spending that we had no vote over. This is taxation without representation and it must stop now!
Do you support the President's budget? The same budget that cuts food aid to 300,000 low income families. The budget that gives billions in hand outs to the wealthiest Americans and largest corporations. The budget that cuts education spending by over 25%. The budget that will cost my generation hundreds of billions of dollars.
In a hundred years would you like to be remembered as the person who helped mess up the budget merely for political gain, or the person who risked everything to try to put the nation back on the right course? What means more to you, your title or your country?