Saturday, March 04, 2006

Another Letter

I collected signatures for a letter to Sen. Richard Burr today, it was identical to the one I sent Myrrick, minus the quote on top. Twenty four people signed it in all, which is a good number since I did not go too far out of my way to get signatures. The only negative feedback I got was one person whose dad had directed some nasty comments at me, but the person in question is not known for their friendliness so I don't think it is a big issue.

I also sent a note to a group of younger Congressman who are concerned about the issues facing my generation and I am working on a few editorials as well as some letters to fisically conservative members of Congress. I am hoping that they might give me a little attention because I think that would do wonders for energize other students and getting a stronger movement started. Besides all of those letters a website and a trip to D.C are in the works. I am hoping that I can lay the groundwork for this campaign to take wings in the summer when I have a greater deal of free time.