Sunday, November 05, 2006

Democratic Victory!

The Democrats have won control of the House and in an upset also took control of the Senate. Among the Republican casualties are Sen. Mike DeWine, Sen. George Allen, Sen. Jim Talent, Sen. Lincoln Chafee, Sen. Conrad Burns, Sen Rick Rick Santorum, Sec. Donald Rumsfeld, Rep. Charlie Bass, Rep. Charles Taylor, Rep. Jeb Bradley, Rep. John Sweeney, Rep. Sue Kelly, Rep. Nancy Johnson, Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick, Rep. Don Sherwood, Rep. Curt Weldon, Rep. Melissa Hart, Rep. E. Clay Shaw, Rep. Chris Chocola, Rep. Anne Northup, Rep. Mike Sodrel, Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld. More to come on the effects of the election on the budget in the coming days.