Friday, March 28, 2008

End support for Israel

The U.S provides aid to dozens of unsavory regimes. From Teodoro Obiang's Equatorial Guinea to Islom Karimov's Uzbekistan America offers military, economic, and diplomatic assistance that brings shame upon our nation. With most of these regimes America's support purchases cheap oil, military bases, or alliances that would be difficult to do without. Realpolitik is not however, what drives America's ties with every unsavory regime. In the case of one nation, Israel, America's support is not only morally reprehensible, it is strategically stupid.

Israel is founded on the ideals of sectarianism. It is the only state in the world that has, as a matter of official government policy, the achievement of a specific demographic makeup through artificial means. In pursuing this goal Israel has committed grave human rights abuses both within and without its internationally recognized borders. From waging wars of aggression, kidnapping and assassinating political leaders, occupying other nations, cluster bombing residential areas, propagating apartheid, stealing land and colonizing Palestinian land, and killing civilians Israel has all the hallmarks of a rouge state.

These activities and policies have naturally sparked a great deal of resentment among the Arab world. The $3 billion of aid the U.S gives Israel each year not only supports a state which Nelson Mandela has compared to apartheid South Africa, it also polarizes Arab public opinion against the U.S. For both humanitarian and strategic reasons t he U.S needs to stop supporting Israel's government until that nation comes into compliance with basic international law and humanitarian norms.


Bar Kochba said...

YA, you are indeed a moron. You deny the Jewish people the right of self-determination which is extended to all other peoples. Anti-Zionism is but the latest form of anti-semitism, masquerading and trying to gain legitimacy. Israel is the home of the Jewish people and must remain a Jewish state, meaning with a Jewish majority. If the more than 55 countries that make up the Organization of the Islamic Conference are entitled to recognition as Muslim states, and if the 22 members of the Arab League are universally accepted as Arab states, why should anyone balk at acknowledging Israel as the world's lone Jewish state?

In fact, there are many countries in which national identity and religion are linked. Argentinian law mandates government support for the Roman Catholic faith. Queen Elizabeth II is the supreme governor of the Church of England. In the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, the constitution proclaims Buddhism the nation's "spiritual heritage." The prevailing religion in Greece," declares Section II of the Greek Constitution, "is that of the Eastern Orthodox Church of Christ."

In no region of the world do countries so routinely link their national character to a specific religion as in the Muslim Middle East. The flag of Saudi Arabia features the shahada - the Islamic declaration of faith - in white Arabic script on a green background; on the Iranian flag, the Islamic phrase "Allahu Akbar" (God is great") appears 22 times.
The Palestinian Authority Basic Law provides in Article 4 that "Islam is the official religion in Palestine."

Stop repeating anti-semitic lies. We are entitled to a state just like anyone else! During 2000 years of exile, we were told to get out. The Nazis screamed 'Juden raus! Jews to Palestine!' and now you scream 'Juden raus! Jews out of Palestine!'. The world will simply not be happy with us no matter what. (BTW, you ignored KL's refutation of your comments on my post.)

Please give me some examples of colonization, killing civilians on purpose or of apartheid. You know nothing so shut your mouth.

Anonymous said...

I so agree. This wretched site is so low on facts and high in drivel I feel dirty even commenting here. Get your FACTS straight you Jr Hitler

young_activist said...

There is a distinct difference between Muslim majority and Arab majority states and Arab and Muslims States. I do not have a problem with Jewish majority states, I do however have a problem with a Jewish state just as I would have a problem with a Christian state or a white state or a black state. Israel is the only nation in the world with the goal of artificially achieving a certain demographic makeup on a national scale. My objections are not about religion, they are about demographics. I personally oppose state sponsored religions, but that is an irrelevant topic.

Having a Jewish majority state in Palestine 2,000 years ago does not give you the right to artificially establish a Jewish state. I really don't care about what the Nazis said. The Jews of Europe had just as much a right to live in the countries in which they were born as the Germans. What happened to the Jews of Europe during World War II were the greatest crime of modern history and quite possibly the greatest crime of all time, however it is no justification to inflict pain on other people. "Never again" must mean that we must do all in our power to prevent state sponsored crimes against humanity large and small. That is why human rights abuses by the Israeli government need to be combated aggressively.

Apartheid? Nelson Mandela has said of the issue in Palestine in a letter "The Palestinian-Israeli conflict is not just an issue of military occupation and Israel is not a country that was established "normally" and happened to occupy another country in 1967. Palestinians are not struggling for a "state" but for freedom, liberation and equality, just like we were struggling for freedom in South Africa." You can see the whole letter at

By colonization I am of course referring to the settlements across the West Bank which is in Palestine.

On the questions of killing civilians:

Do a Google search on Israeli massacres, there are many of these it’s not hard to find instances of Israeli intentionally killing civilians.

Pinky said...

Young Activist,
I COMPLETELY disagree with everything in this post, but I wanted to come here to commend you on a comment you left on BK's blog. It was a lengthy comment, towards the end of the debate. Eitan was in agreement with you. Although I feel this is the only area we would agree, it was well stated, and I appreciated the manner in which you articulated your thoughts. I see no reason why people from differing religions cannot converse respectfully, even kindly, without slandering one another.

American Patriot said...

Yo, YA get a clue, Israel is our only friend in the middle east and if one of your buddies gets elected in November and cuts and runs from Iraq it will also be the only democracy in the middle east.

Quit hating on America and its friends. If something bad happens to America were all going down together. Its in your best interest to want what's good for your country.

American Patriot said...

You inspired me to post the following on my blog:
After reading the most asinine commentary on this blog talking about how we should quit supporting Israel I thought I should give my top ten reasons for supporting the Middle East's only western style democracy.

1. If the idiots on the left sabotage the mission in Iraq Israel will be the Middle East's only democracy.

2. Israel is America's only significant ally in the region and with the fifth most powerful army in the region it a pretty significant ally. Israel is our first line of defense against the terrorists in the Middle East. If something needs to get done in that region Israel can get it done. Remember the destruction of nuclear weapons facilities in Iraq and Syria by the Israeli air force?

3. Israel is a valuable trading partner. In 2007 alone the U.S had over $30 billion of trade with Israel. It also has a vibrant economy it has the third most NASDAQ listed companies of any country in the world and it has a higher per capita GDP then the UK.

4. Israel is the only place where the Jewish people can live as a majority without fear of persecution. To want to take that away from them is simply anti-Semitic.

5. Israeli scientists are among the best in the world. Israel has produced more scientific papers per capita then any other nation in the world.

6. Israel has been a reliable friend to the United States. After terrorists attacked our African embassies Israeli rescue teams arrived withing 24 hours and saved the lives of three people.

7. Here's one for the leftards: Israel is one of the most environmentally friendly nations on the planet. It is the only nation that entered the 21st century with a net gain of trees.

8. Israel has greatly expanded the quality of life for its Arab neighbors. It provides them with health care and education for free.

9. Israelis are innovative and industrious. In a little more then half a century a group of refugees have transformed a desolate land of swamp and desert into a thriving nation.

10. Israel has been among the most forgiving nations in the world. Despite sixty years of invasions and terrorism Israel stands willing to make peace with all of its neighbors.

Anonymous said...

Israel has bought a US alliance with such wealthy lobbying groups such as AIPAC, whom are big campaign contributors, to ensure that we are a staunch ally to the most hated nation on earth. Its easy maneuvering around Washington when you have Congress in your pocket. Our alliance with Israel has only caused us pain and getting involved in the Middle-East where we have no business in the first place.

Israel bulldozing the homes of arab people is not my idea of making friends. You know why the arab people despise Israel? Because you have screwed them since the forming of your illegal state. Is there any reason why all of Israel's neighbors invaded it on the day it was formed, and have such numerous times throughout the 20th century? Or any reason why people hate Israel so much they are willing to kill themselves?

There are two sides to every story, and the powerful Jewish lobby in the US has us in their pocket. Whereas 3% of the nation controls 85% of the wealth.