Friday, February 15, 2008

Human Rights in Egypt

Human rights in Egypt under the dictatorship of Hosni Mubarak have long been in a sorry state. Under the "State of Emergency" Mubarak declared upon his accession to the Egyptian Presidency following the 1981 assassination Anwar Sadat the state has the power to imprison citizens indefinitely without reason and without trial. Among the government's targets for arrest are human rights activists, homosexuals, reformists, and opposition leaders. Once in prison these individuals face mistreatment, neglect, and torture.

A recent crack down, this time against HIV positive individuals, has pushed Egypt's human rights record to a new low. In this latest violation of basic human rights Egyptian police chained hospital patients suspected of being HIV-positive to their beds and forced them to undergo testing. Those testing positive are now being held and could face long prison sentences and torture.

America's support for this repressive, corrupt, dictator is a national disgrace and a long term liability. It is not only immoral it is not sound policy. Look no further than Iran's Islamic Revolution to see what the long term consequences of American sponsored dictatorships are.


Bar Kochba said...

I haven't see you around in a while. Haven't been feeling well enough to cheer Jew-murderers on? You'll like my latest post.

young_activist said...

Ah, calling me an anti-semite again. Those who can't debate sloganize. Why don't you quit trying to divert attention from the issue with absurd accustations and offer a substanitive, secular defense of the Zionists.

You see, unlike you I do not see a diffrence between regimes that commit human rights abuses based on the race or religon or language of its leaders.

The Hermit said...
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The Hermit said...

I just saw that you are a kid.

People your age have a right to be arrogant and opinionated, so I'll leave you to it in peace.

I'll bet you any amount of money that in another twenty years, you won't believe some of the things you said and thought.

Just a word of advice. I've been in the middle east, and I've seen the Islamists up close. I promise you, they aren't anything like you believe they are. I've seen the Israelis, too, and I'd advise you to save up and take a trip to Israel. You won't come back with the same views. Do some first hand research and see if you don't feel differently.

Here's some more advice, take it or leave it. Even if someone offends you, don't insult him personally. Just a thought you might want to keep in the back of your mind.

Bar Kochba said...

Yesterday, 8 Jewish teenagers were massacre by an Arab terrorist in Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem while studying Torah. The Arabs of Gaza danced, cheered and gave out sweets in mosques. There can be no peace with evil. Evil must be exterminated.

Anonymous said...

I hope your mom is proud of you.