Saturday, April 14, 2007

The case against the war

I've already discussed the "case" for the war in Iraq given by the administration now its time to present the case against the war. Since hindsight is always 20/20 and I showed the remarks of the administration before the revelations regarding the intelligence failures in Iraq it is only fair to show the case against the war before it began. The following Larry King Live interview with Sen. Robert Byrd D-WV was conducted on March 7, 2003, before the invasion of Iraq began.

Robert Byrd is the longest serving United States Senator having entered the Senate in 1959. Previously he had served in the U.S House of Reps. and the West Virginia House of Delegates. He brings to the Senate a great deal of wisdom, an encyclopedia like knowledge of the workings and history of government, and the political security that enables him to speak his mind freely. Sen. Byrd is one of the most capable individuals ever to serve in the Senate and is one of the few politicians to be absolutely devoted to serving the people of the country.






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Anonymous said...

the world should have listened to robert byrd and brent scowcroft. they were right.