Wednesday, April 12, 2006


These quotes all come from Rep. Sue Myrick's website. I realize that politicians will say whatever it takes to get elected but, nothing will ever be accomplished on this issue as long they say one thing and do another.

"Rep. Myrick has advocated for more spending cuts in the 108th Congress than any other Member of Congress or Senator"

"Rep. Myrick is a true fiscal conservative"

"Rep. Myrick has voted to lower personal income taxes for ALL Americans. Rep. Myrick has voted to eliminate the Death Tax that effects small business and family farmers Rep. Myrick has voted to end the Alternative Minimum Tax that would have effected millions of middle class Americans. Rep. Myrick has voted to eliminate the Capitol Gains Tax. Rep. Myrick has voted to end the Marriage Penalty Tax that effects every married couple in the U.S."
I have some unfortunate news for Rep. Myrick: you cannot support support cutting both taxes and the debt at the same time.


Ogre said...

Why not? Why can't we reduce taxes and reduce debt at the same time? It's very simple -- stop spending!

For example -- if we stopped all government spending today, all that would be left is the debt. The amount of tax "income" coming in now could easily be drastically reduced and still pay the debt: tada! Reduce taxes, reduce debt.

young_activist said...


That may look good on paper but, the special interest groups involved have enough sway to revent that from happening.

Here's an example:

Each year the federal government spend millions in printing new dollar bills to replace those that wear out in circulation. It would be much cheaper to make $1 coins for circulation and retire the $1 dollar bill (coins can last for 50 years in circulation and bills can only last 18 months). Unfortunatly Crane & Co. who supplies the paper to manufacture the dollar bill has convinced Sen. Ted Kennedy D-MA to prevent such legislation. This may be only a few million dollars but there are thousands of these examples and they add up.